How to Win a Pitch will help you learn how to: Develop presentations that win contracts, create connections to secure business relationships, and identify, discuss, and fulfill client needs effectively.

-Independent Publisher Online Magazine

The book offers straightforward, no-nonsense advice, without gimmicks or tricks, on how to make effective sales presentations.

-Scott Cobb

The Value Examiner

...his advice is absolutely essential for job seekers to learn and understand. Joey offers readers all of the fundamentals to consider when trying to communicate their value to another person or group.

-Miriam Salpeter

Keppie Careers

The common sense point here is simple. Successful people are dynamic communicators.

-Bud B

42 Rules Blogs

No matter in what type of business you are in, you have to read this book, as it contains practical advice that will make your presentation stand out right away, and eventually win you more new business.

-Ivan Widjaya

Presenters, sales and anyone who wants to sell an idea will benefit from How to Win a Pitch.

-Meryl Evans

Beyond Bullet Points

Doing all he recommends will separate your firm from the competition...The book is a quick enough read that any lawyer preparing for a presentation should be asked to read it.

-Steve Barrett

LawMarketing Portal

Law Firm Strategies

This book will definitely change the way sales presentations are made. Following the guidelines laid down by Joey Asher sales presentations are going to become much more leaner, interesting and pertinent.

-Vivek Singh

all about presentations

[How to Win a Pitch] highlights the most important things you can immediately do to make a difference to your chances...If you makes sales presentations, reading this book and putting Joey’s advice into practice will help you win more business.

-Olivia Mitchell

Speaking about Presenting

...the firms consistenly winning competitive new pitches are the ones who simpy deliver the best pitch, meaning they consistently execute five simple fundamentals better than their competition.

-Mark Trinkle

Sales Force One

Anthony Cole Training Group, LLC

This book is one of those rarities that presents a simple framework that “beginners” will be able to understand and use - yet still crams in multiple gems of wisdom and insight that even highly experienced sales people will learn from.

-Ian Brodie

Sales Excellence

Lighthouse Business Consulting

Of course, once you've done your homework, and followed Asher's advice, you'll likely stand out from the crowd...There's lots of good stuff in this book.

-Mark Buckshon

Contruction Marketing Ideas

[How to Win a Pitch] is a guide for those who have to often pitch their ideas for their business to their clients. Selling is more than having a good product or idea, it's a show and presenting oneself as well. Inspiring one's target is the aim, and How to Win a Pitch is a fine choice for those who want to pitch themselves in a more appealing way.

-Midwest Book Review


How to Win a Pitch is a must read for sales professionals. The book will teach you how to deliver a dynamic sales pitch and win new clients.

-Karen Schweitzer


Joey Asher's coaching and ideas have helped the sales force at The Weather Channel and learn how to win business.Using the five fundamentals detailed in this book, we have been able to deliver great sales presentations and win more business. Use the ideas in this book and you'll get great results.

-Paul Iaffaldano, EVP and General Manager,

The Weather Channel Media Solutions


If you like winning, you will want to read this book. Joey Asher's simple, no nonsense advice has made a difference in my own presentations. This book is bound to improve the presentations of anyone who reads it.

-Charles F. Bowman, Finance Business Executive and the

North Carolina Market President,

Bank of America


Joey Asher's hands-on approach to coaching and his ideas have helped ChoicePoint deliver superior sales presentations that gain executive attention and ultimately win business. The ideas in this book are simple fundamentals and easy to apply. Most important,they work.

-Jim Zimbardi, SVP, ChoicePoint, Inc.


Joey Asher and the ideas he presents in this book have been instrumental in helping our company win projects.

-Rob Burton, President of Hoar Construction


This is a great book. The concepts, ideas, and examples in How to Win a Pitch confirmed the things we are doing well and reminded me of the things we need to be doing better. To win you must improve yourself-your customers deserve it. This book helps you discover ways to solve problems for your clients and win more for you.

-Paul Silver, managing director, Huron Consulting Group


Joey Asher and the ideas he presents in this book have been instrumental in helping our company win projects. It is an invaluable guide for the preparation and delivery of a successful presentation. Following his five fundamentals has resulted in our firm winning several major design commissions. Use these ideas and you'll be in the best position to distinguish yourself from the competition and win your next pitch.

-Steven Clem, Principal, tvsdesign


At Robins & Morton we have been using Joey and his ideas for many years. The ideas in How to Win a Pitch have made a big difference in how we develop and present proposals. His methodology has been a major contributor to the high win-rate we have experienced over the years. I heartily recommend you read his book and apply the techniques he describes.

-Bill Morton, President and CEO of Robins & Morton


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